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Gemini, 2022 - 30inch x 40inch Burned Canvas

Gemini, 2022 - 30inch x 40inch Burned Canvas


Gemini is a collaborative art piece created between BOPHO and her partner Lucie Inyang.


• Original artwork, 1 of 1
• Acrylic paint with brush
• Marker

• Coffee overlay

• Burned edges
• Clear gloss finish
• Great for houses, mansions, lofts, galleries and other medium to large estates


Audience Interpretations:

"The facades of the faces we posses and how they both hold a sinister yet heavenly past that shows on the exterior in which one holds more than the other … this creation shows pain and liberation of one’s evolution and the roads that were taken to come to that . Beautiful "

- @eyeam.soulu



" Two heads kinda the same kinda different..but when they come together they leave themselves behind find harmony in a new vision or way of seeing something …whether it’s the world or their relationship but they find harmony in how they see things"

- @exniloef