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Tears of a Clown, 2022 - 4ft x 3ft Large Canvas

Tears of a Clown, 2022 - 4ft x 3ft Large Canvas


Tears of a Clown was created by BOPHO during a live paint battle hosted in Austin, Texas at Riches Art Gallery.


• Original artwork, 1 of 1

• Acrylic paint with brush

• Acrylic spray paint / graffiti style

• Clear gloss finish

• Great for apartments, mansions, lofts, galleries and other medium to large estates

The show focused on art inspired by Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole. BOPHO, along with local artist Erik Ross, performed for the crowd in a live graffiti battle!


This art piece aims to bring up discussions around capitalism and modern day dystopian societies. Inspired by Kendrick Lamar's "How Much Does a Dollar Cost" from his 2015 album, To Pimp a Butterfly. BOPHO aims to remind us that there is no real value to a dollar, we've been placed in a society where we aimlessly move and listen to the rules and ideas from big brother, from those with more money, more dollars. We cry for change but make no efforts to get it.


Living, breathing clowns. Tears of a clown.


Read more about her and the show:



Add a piece of beauty and meaning to your home today.

Great for Christmas, birthdays, house warmings, anniversaries and other gift ideas

  • Artist Statement

         BoPHo's artwork takes a look at the emotional seasons we as humans live through. Our emotions move through waves and cycles, never lasting forever but always coming back around. Each of BoPHo's pieces attempt to make a discussion on emotions through the use of charcoal, wood, fire and a range of other mediums.


         “How does it make you feel?” is a question often asked to people viewing BOPHO's  work. They expect their audience to create their own personal connection and story to the art. A piece about sadness is simply about sadness, the story comes from the audience member’s own life story and the memories they’ve stored along the way.

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