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Two of 'Em"  -  2ft x 4ft Wooden Canvas Set

Two of 'Em" - 2ft x 4ft Wooden Canvas Set


Piece Name: "Two of 'Em"
Material: Wood

Handmade original piece on 2 (2x2 ft) wooden canvases with a matte finish.
1 of 1 Exclusive piece, duplicates made to order.

Leave an impact on your home with your new handmade wooden canvas art that was made with passion & creativity. Inspired by duality and the yin yang philosophy.

-The perfect contemporary accent to make your home really stand out.

-Durable and lightweight canvas for easy hanging


Only 1 left in stock
  • Artist Statement

         BoPHo's artwork takes a look at the emotional seasons we as humans live through. Our emotions move through waves and cycles, never lasting forever but always coming back around. Each of BoPHo's pieces attempt to make a discussion on emotions through the use of charcoal, wood, fire and a range of other mediums.


         “How does it make you feel?” is a question often asked to people viewing BOPHO's  work. They expect their audience to create their own personal connection and story to the art. A piece about sadness is simply about sadness, the story comes from the audience member’s own life story and the memories they’ve stored along the way.

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